Julia Rose Compilation of Nude Pics and Vids

Julia Rose Compilation of Nude Pics and Vids

Julia Rose. Does this name ring a bell?

Well, honestly, I think I’ve heard of this name before. Let me think… oh! Now, I remember. She was that lovely babe who flashed her tits during the 2019 World Series. Julia even made the headlines because of that incident. I also heard that she was with her fellow Instagram models who were Lauren Summer and Kayla Lauren in the said event. 

Now that this chick got me really curious, I tried looking her up on Google to get to know her better. According to the results I’ve pulled up, Julia is 25 years old and she’s a reality star and a glamour model. She is also the founder of a popular online publication called Shagmag which features images of famous Instagram celebrities. 

What she did at the World Series was a marketing strategy for Shagmag because she was wearing Shagmag tees during that time. Even though they ended up getting banned from future MLB events, their publicity stunt worked. 

Well, enough of that boring stuff. I know that all you might want to see right now are her nude photos. So here they are…

Julia in a bunny costume

Julia Rose

Aww, she’s such a cutie, isn’t she? 

I think the best thing about Julia is she has a very playful personality and that’s exactly what she’s showing in this photo. 

She looked adorable with her bunny ears and I think she can be a great addition to the Playboy playmates. What do you think? I’d sure love to see her on an x-rated magazine’s centerfold soon. 

Julia with a roasted marshmallow

Julia Rose

Who doesn’t love roasted marshmallows while talking around a bonfire? 

Well, I guess what’s even better than the marshmallow is Julia’s cleanly shaven pussy. That didn’t take long, huh? I know that you might be expecting the pussy reveal to be at the end of this article. But yeah, I don’t feel like following the norm right now. 

Aside from being able to see her lovely lady bits, I also fell in love with those tan lines. It’s making my life hard — literally! I don’t know if I can stop my other hand from reaching down my pants anymore. 

I mean, look at her, man! She’s a total hottie! How I wished that she spread those legs wider so I can have a full view of her vagina. 

Julia and her middle fingers

Oh, you naughty chick! But dude, this is exactly my type of girl. I also love the confidence she oozes when she’s strutting around in the nude or almost naked. She’s been exposing her stunning physique for quite a while now and it’s one of the reasons why she became a social media star. 

On top of that, she loves flaunting her boobies to promote her online publication called Shagmag. As you can see in the photo, she’s wearing a Shagmag t-shirt. Apparently, this is also one of her marketing strategies. 

Continue doing your thing, Julia. The boys love it!

Julia’s sensational breasts

Can I lie down next to you? Oh, my! My junior down there seemed to be very active and wants to get out of my pants. 

I think it wants to be stroked while watching this ravishingly hot photo of Julia

I don’t know about you but I get a feeling that her magic is working on me fast and I’m not sure what to do. Should I give in to her luscious looks or erase these nasty thoughts in my head?

Julia’s naked boobies


Voir cette publication sur Instagram


Une publication partagée par Julia Rose (@its_juliaroseee)

Another awesome pic of Julia. It gives us a view of both: a full view of her bosom and a sneak peek of her vag. I wonder if she’s aware that we can almost see her privates behind that see-through lingerie.

Did you try to zoom in on this image? Well, don’t worry. I won’t judge you as I am guilty of it myself. Perhaps anyone in his right mind would do the same. 

I’m not sure if you’d agree but those tan lines on her wonderful body are making her more irresistible. 

Julia’s sexy ass


Voir cette publication sur Instagram


Une publication partagée par Julia Rose (@its_juliaroseee)

Oh, yes! A luscious photo of Julia showing her naked bum. This definitely deserves a spot on this compilation. 

I can look at her butt all day. But I think those piercing eyes can distract me from time to time as it makes me feel like she’s staring right into my naughty, horny soul. 

I even get the feeling that Julia knows that I’m having a rock hard erection right now. 

Julia Rose ShagMag

This is a behind the scenes video of one of ShagMag’s photoshoot session. If the pictures are already erotic, this clip might make you explode into a loud orgasm in no time. But of course, that depends on whether you prefer flicks over still images or vice versa. 

I enjoyed watching this one as she was topless the entire scene. That way, I can look at her boobies from different angles. Awesome, right? 

Topless driving with Julia Rose

Yes, Julia loves being topless and this clip is proof. She was driving around naked. Oh, how I envy those people who saw her buck naked in person. 

I don’t know what got into her but I guess that she’s just being herself. After all, it’s not really news that she’s flaunting her titties as she’s doing it all the time. 

December behind the scene Julia Rose

I think they were shooting photos for a Christmas edition of ShagMag or something like that. Aah… these girls are freaking hot, dude! I don’t mind spending a cold Christmas day with them. 

I can help them keep warm by making them hot chocolate drinks or sharing them some of my warmth. I heard that body heat is the best solution for staying warm during cold weather. 

Here’s my final say

Did you have fun looking at these Julia Rose nudes

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