Octavia May: The Inked Cutie

Octavia May: The Inked Cutie

Octavia May is someone you ought to watch whenever she goes live. She's such a beautiful woman who we already appreciate for the canvas of skin she has but is just better when naked.

This tattooed beauty is more than just being a cam girl. We just don't have much on her yet because she's people still ought to discover how good of a performer she is.

It comes as a surprise though how she could still maintain the element of mystery even though we've seen a lot of her already online. Not all cam girls can say that about themselves.

Well, at least we can still talk about Octavia here despite that. Besides, we have enough on her!

Octavia May Biography

Just the fact that Octavia is from Eastern Europe already gives us an idea that she's built for this business. She's tall for a woman and has the right weight to compliment that too!

She may be in her late 20s but her youthful energy in her cam shows indicate that there's a lot left in her tank. Speaking of, have you seen her tank-sized boobs? While we don't have the specifics on her jugs, we know she's got really big tits!

  • AGE: 29
  • GENDER: Girl
  • COUNTRY: Romania
  • EYES: Grey
  • HAIR: Brown
  • HEIGHT: 5'7″
  • WEIGHT: 125lbs

Octavia May Pics

Seeing Octavia naked and the lack of stuff on her seems like a blessing so lucky for you because we got our sources. With such excellent research skills, we could give you treats for the eyes like these!

Now, about this cam girl from Eastern Europe, we already expect something like this because that region is known for such. That is why we like to watch her exclusively just like this video below.

Octavia May video

It already sounds cliche to call every pornstar or cam girl good at what they do. That is why we prefer to put it in such a way that we're going to focus more on Octavia and her inked skin.

What things do you think of whenever you see Octavia? Some might find her a badass for that sleeve ink on her skin. Either way, we'd love to fuck her if we get the chance.

Octavia May on Social Media

Since there's not much on Octavia online, it's best to get the little of her you can through her socials. Her Twitter may be quite clean but check out her OnlyFans where probably 90% of her sexual action dwells.

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Octavia May on OnlyFans