Evie Envy Is the Trans Babe of Your Dreams!

Evie Envy Is the Trans Babe of Your Dreams!

The trans community is widely accepted now — especially in the porn biz. This means you’ll see tons of porno vids that feature their unique beauties. 

So, if shemales turn you on, then you might be rejoicing right now with the fact there are many options you can choose from on the Web. 

Some of them are professional pornstars while others are hosting sultry shows on different camming platforms. 

They have attracted lots of avid fans with their fabulous figures and lady-like appearances. You might even mistake them for a real lady. 

But don’t be fooled — they might look like gorgeous women but they’re hiding a naughty little secret between their legs. 

Anyway, let me introduce you to one of the hottest trans chicks in the industry today. Her name is Evie Envy. 

Evie Envy Porn Bio

Before you start wanking your load on Evie’s porn vids, you might want to get to know her on a personal level first. 

Here is some information I found out about her:

  • Born: January 23
  • Birthplace: Canada
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Red
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Breast Size: Big
  • Build: Average
  • Tattoos: on left flank, inside right elbow, left side of left heel
  • Piercings: None

Evie Envy Lustful Pics

There’s no doubt that Evie can get you under her spell at one glance. You might even forget that she has a huge penis beneath her sexy lingerie. Well, I guess you don’t care about that anymore. 

When I looked her up on the internet, I was amazed by her beauty. She loves monster-sized wangs — and she wants them inside her tight and pink butt hole. 

Also, she loves eating chocolates. I heard it’s an aphrodisiac, which means it might be one of the reasons why our trans goddess always feels horny. 

Evie Envy Lascivious Vid

Do you wanna see Evie twerk her spankable booty? That’s exactly what you’re going to see when you check out this clip I prepared for you. 

She’s almost naked in this video and you can see her lovely bum, big cock, and balls. Although she’s leaning over, she’s still facing the camera while she moves her ass. 

Her dick movements can give you naughty ideas and you might not even notice that the vid is playing on repeat. 

If this turned you on, then you might want to check out more of her content soon. 

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