JerkMate Couple Review

JerkMate Couple Review

Couple cams are what make Jerkmate such a versatile live cam site. It's no longer just a solo act because it takes two to tango.

We've got so used to watching porn that some might find adult cam sites like Jerkmate such a new thing. Well, at least with couple cams, it brings you closer to what you actually see in porn.

Couple cams can be quite long because it takes a lot of performance value to pull of sexual and spontaneous, especially when you do it regularly.

The important thing is that we have a nice platform to talk about here, one that encourages voyeurism through couple of cams.

If you are thinking of watching couple cams on Jerkmate, we can share some of our experiences to help you decide whether to sign up or not.

What's with JerkMate Couple?

JerkMate is a pretty decent site. It already gives you what you seek upon landing. If you go to the actual site, you'll usually have to toggle your preferences but if you just search “JerkMate Couple” on Google, the first link is likely to take you straight there.

Like we said, JerkMate couple is for those who are fan of voyeurism. You can even consider it your online swingers party if you choose to. Just as long as you create a “free” account and pay for tokens, you'll be able to tip them into your commands.

JerkMate is quite an established site despite being fairly new. That means the quality of talent present is on pornstar-level.

Plus, a lot of the live cams here broadcast in HD. That means you'll be able to see clearly what the couples are up to.

The Jerkmate Couple experience

First and foremost, free doesn't necessarily mean free when it comes to cam sites. You will be upsold because you need to pay for tokens to be able to maximize the couple cams.

Watching the couples on JerkMate has been such an enjoyable experience. We saw this hot couple with a blonde girl being tied and punished. The punishment was mild but there sure was more when the requests started to pour in.

We actually prefer spending more on tips when it comes to couple cams because things are very versatile. The spontaneous sexual acts can come from them or you can dictate the spontaniety with your requests. We watched through at least three more couples before calling it a day for Jerkmate.

While the first video wasn't in HD, the others we watched were in full HD, which made us see the kinks and reactions so clearly.

Final thoughts

Being on couple cams seem like relationship goals even in the adult entertainment industry. JerkMate couple brings together cam models in the most entertaining way they can be.

Luckily, it's not the only thing you can enjoy from the site. It's such a good source for your live cam model needs that you can just change toggles to get what you want.

It might be cool one day if we see actual pornstars coupling up and responding to requests but for now, let's just enjoy what we can because this cam site surely delivers.

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