Natalia Nix Is an Exotic Beauty You Shouldn’t Miss!

Natalia Nix Is an Exotic Beauty You Shouldn’t Miss!

Latina ladies are freaking hot — their bodies are so amazing that it’s hard to keep your eyes off them.

And one of my fave Latina chicks is Natalia Nix. She’s originally from Puerto Rico and she got a beautiful face that can turn heads. 

She has silky brown hair, brown eyes, and of course, a captivating smile. 

What I really like about her is her luscious small tits the size of 32A. And let’s not forget about her firm ass that can get your dick rock hard in just a matter of seconds. 

Natalia is currently striking a balance between her career and her college studies, which for me is pretty impressive. 

All About Natalia Nix

Before you get all excited about seeing Natalia in the nude, you might want to check out the following info about her first. 

  • Age: 24 years old
  • Born: October 18, 1996
  • Birthplace: Puerto Rico
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Profession: Pornstar
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Height: 5’6” or 167 cm
  • Weight: 110 lbs or 50 kg
  • Body Type: Slim
  • Measurements: 32-24-34
  • Cup Size: A
  • Boobs: Natural
  • Tattoos: right wrist
  • Piercings: None

Natalia Nix Photo Galleries

I know how excited you are to see this gorgeous goddess in her birthday suit but lemme tell you something about how it all started. 

So, Natalia made her official porn debut at the beginning of 2019. She was only 22 years back then, and it was pretty apparent she’s excited to become a part of the porno world. 

Her family didn’t stop her from being a pornstar, as long as she still goes to college, and she’s happy. 

If there’s one thing you might need to know about this gal, it’s that she’s bisexual. She equally loves the idea of having fun with a pussy and a cock. 

Well, I think everything started becoming more interesting. Here are some pics to quench your thirst for Latinas.

Natalia Nix Hot Video

It looks like our goddess loves being submissive. Her hands are handcuffed in this vid, and she’s crawling her way to taste a huge cock. 

And man, she sure knows the art of fellatio. She licks and sucks that dick like it’s the most delicious dessert in the entire universe. 

I just love watching her as she plays with that penis, although I’m silently wishing I’m on the receiving end. I feel envious and I can’t help it!

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