Clips4Sale Review – What is Clips4Sale?

Clips4Sale Review – What is Clips4Sale?

Who still buys porn clips for sale these days? Apparently still a lot.

It’s weird how these people still pay to get sex clips when they could have used that money to sign up for a premium porn site. Maybe even save the money and make do with the free tube sites on the internet.

Clips 4 Sale happens to make this thing work regardless of how crazy the thing sounds nowadays. There’s probably something they offer that others don’t, right?

Staying strong and still selling


For a site that has none of the commercialized ads we usually see on the internet, Clips4Sale managed to stay strong for 15 years now. That means they are selling to some sustainable numbers.

The concept of putting indie porno for sale is starting to fade but Clips4Sale still stands. One possible reason for this is if you see through some of the videos, you’ll notice how it’s usually part of an archive of a defunct video for sale site.

These videos are still in demand despite some having lousy resolutions from the most high tech cams the past generation ones had. Times may have changed but the site is the living testament of the saying “sex sells.”

What keeps Clips4Sale alive

clips4sale blog claims to be the number one downloadable video clip site on the internet. Although we may have to hold that claim until we get completely accurate analytics from all sites across the entire Internet.

Another possible reason the site is still alive is its blogs. What it does not invest in web development, it does so in creating good reads for its visitors.

Well, maybe the reason for that is that most sites no longer offer their content for download but rather unlimited streaming for as long as you stay subscribed. Tech companies have shifted to this kind of system as it brings in more money and increases the possibility of retention.

It’s probably why Clips4Sale still stands. People love to spend impractically on retail rather than in bulk.

The prices

clips4sale fetish

If you take a look at the pricing for each video, it seems very impractical to spend on these clips which wouldn’t even earn you money.

The original producers will surely hit you with a copyright claim if you reupload it. They don’t care if you paid for it. Basically, you should buy more to support Clips4Sale than the producer.

Fetish videos are the goldmine for this site as they can cost around $20-50 A nine-minute video would usually cost you $10. That’s around 250-300 MB of 1080p porn video. The short ones are around $4-6 but don’t expect them to be as good.

So you just need to choose a clip, add it to your cart, check out, and pay using your selected payment method. The only possible roadblock is your internet speed in downloading your new sex video.

Be warned that not all Clips4Sale videos are worth their price. Some of them might end up being duds. Just think about why it takes you so long just to find the right porno to jerk off to.

Extra perks

You know the site is no joke because they have their own Clip Cash Card. You can use it to purchase stuff on its participating websites. It’s probably going to come in handy if you want to go incognito on purchases.

It’s a good freebie when a site has its own debit card. Paying isn’t as bad after all, right?

What to expect

Well, you can find pretty much everything on the site. You might even find those long lost free videos you’ve been looking for but can no longer find.

It looks like a purple craigslist with just a few visuals on the homepage. It may come off as shady to some but it’s plainly a marketplace for porn vids.

The compilation can be as messy as some of the fetish videos on the site. You can easily get lost in the text even if you use the site’s search bar. It’s not the most organized website to buy clips from, to be honest.

Clips4Sale’s homepage isn’t about organizing. You’ll get the hang of it if you use it regularly.

What you can find on Clips4Sale

clips4sale studio

Clips4Sale is about selling archives from defunct sites and promoting the smaller porn producers. It also resurrects some of the industry legends like Ron Jeremy and Peter North.

Think you have what it takes to be a porn producer? Then it’s time to open a studio. Basically, all you need to do is open up your own, find a niche, film some stuff, and upload it on the website.

You’ll likely spend a little extra time than normal when buying videos on the site. There are just too many videos to decide on when buying. The hardcore porn consumers can simply select their favorite production company and the search will filter the videos they produced.

Useful tip: Don’t rely on the main page. Go straight to the clips, categories, and studio page instead.

Are the clips worth buying?

clips4sale ron jeremy

In fairness to Clips4Sale, they’re keeping the porn marketplace alive. It’s a throwback to those XXX video stores at the corner.

You’ll be lucky to find those old school porn videos from cassette tapes that the older generations used to jerk off to. At least now you can download a digital copy of it.

Are the clips worth buying? Sure it’s still worth the purchase at the end of the day. The site wouldn’t last 15 years if the people that buy from the site don’t come back for more.

There’s something about Clips4Sale that you can’t just find even in premium porn sites.

Final thoughts on Clips4Sale

clips4sale naked

Clips4Sale is just as good of a source as the more popular porn sites you know of. If you are looking for the full-length classics, I say this is the place to go for that.

It might not be the neatest in terms of layout but you have to understand that the site was created during a time when adult video stores were still starting to learn the value of creating their own webpage.

I’d still pay to score some good finds on the site. Even after having premium memberships on bigger porn sites. We all need that one friend who’s a good source for soft copies.

It’s also a way to earn some good coin rather than wait for tube sites to partner up with you and place ads on uploads. But still I recommend you upload your content on free tube sites to promote your own product.

So it’s time for you to decide for yourself while we scan through Clips4Sale for new finds. It’s going to take a while before we finally decide which video to buy.