ClaraKitty: The Blonde Stunner

ClaraKitty: The Blonde Stunner

It's easy to mistake ClaraKitty for a blonde b-list celebrity or a famous model. She's got the looks for it already but prefers to be more giving in the adult entertainment industry.

Saying that Clara is such a hottie may sound cliche but what else can we use to describe her? Obviously, she's one unique catch to those who see her. It's now just a matter of putting more eyes on her at this point.

How about we do so and talk about her more in detail, shall we?

ClaraKitty Bio

If there's someone who's built for live webcams, it's got to be Clara. She just has the looks for it and it's good she's still on the youthful side of things

She's indeed got the modelesque features with her tall height, slim frame, and big boobs!
  • NAME: ClaraKitty
  • AGE: 24
  • GENDER: Girl
  • ETHNICITY: Caucasian
  • COUNTRY: United States
  • EYES: Blue
  • HAIR: Dyed
  • BODY TYPE: Slim, Petite
  • HEIGHT: 5'8″
  • WEIGHT: 110lbs
  • BUST: Large

ClaraKitty Sexy Photos

Want more proof that Clara is indeed built for the business? Just check her photos! You might not be able to notice how much of a model she looks but if you look at her, you'll realize just how stunning she is even when the pics are dirtier than the wholesome image you think she has.

ClaraKitty on Tape

Clara is pretty careful with her stuff. You won't see that much unless you wat her actual live cams. It's okay because the pervs already did the screenshots for us that paint an image of what she is made of.

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